Selena Gomez , Kelly Brook Bikini , Sasha Cohen Bikini Yoga Highlight the Twitpic Roundup

Girls working out. Girls suntanning. Girls hanging out in skimpy outfits. It’s all here in this week’s  Twitpic Roundup. Just when you thought it was safe to pull up the plastic sheeting, nay, resist, resist. The lovely ladies with the mighty fine bodies and the super egos are working their social media magic to make you lust them even more. It works just like that. A social contract nobody signed up for, but we all abide by. Hotties show off, oglers watch. Surrender now.

This week’s Twitpic Roundup includes Selena Gomez all kinds of fine, Lady Gaga and her new yoga body, Sasha Cohen bikini yoga fun time, Kelly Brook bikini booty, Bella Thorne workout booty, Izabel Goulart bikini hotness, and much much more. You owe it to Al Gore for inventing this Internet thing in the first place to check out each and every one of these amazing social media shares. They form a healthy part of a balanced diet. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Swimsuits For Vogue Australia

Nikki Lund Bikini While Surfing in Malibu

Model and fashion designer and I’m going to add veteran bikini temptress to her unofficial LinkedIn profile, Nikki Lund decided to hit the surf, though it’s unclear whether she did surf or just strut about the beach in her little bikini showing off her fine female form beneath the beach showers and sunlight. I’d accept her either way.

We’ve seen Nikki Lund now in several workout outfits and bikinis. She really is a special treat considering her basic toolbox of outstanding ta-ta’s and her understanding of how to be candidly framed for a memorable photo. I think I might just take up surfing myself. Or at least offer to wax her board. Does that sound dirty? It’s supposed to...

Iggy Azalea Flashes During Performance In Las Vegas

Casey Batchelor Reminds Us Why It’s Such a Blessing When Big Bosom Girls Shoes Come Untied

Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures in Miami

Alexis Ren Could Not Be More Barely Legal

I stand accused of finding Alexis Ren to be just out of this universe in the department. This blonde native L.A. model has twisted my insides and untwisted by outsides since the day I first laid peeps upon her. And, now, well, now Alexis is eighteen and I’ve got some things to say about Alexis in this uber sextastic Mitch Tomlinson photoshoot.

Things like, Alexis, might I inspect your navel for a couple hours while blindfolded. Consider it an ancient Inuit getting to know each other tradition prior to me making many many babies with you. I don’t necessarily want to raise the children, but we can find them good homes in celebrity domiciles while we proceed to make more. We shall be fruitful and multiple and not wear any clothing for the next decade or so as we go about our sacred mission of planting and reaping and repeating. Damn, you look so good. I would give up gluten for you. But, please, don’t make me. If we’re to create many miracles in many positions, I’m going to need some pizza. I think I just cried. Enjoy.
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